Dazzling 2012 Calendars Worthy of Framing

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Gone are the days when your only choices for calendars are plain black and white or the kitten ones found at mall kiosks. Now talented artists and designers are creating calendars that are mini masterpieces worthy of framing. Here are six that I've been dazzled by this year starting with this colorful illustrated one from Erin Jang. I love how much character it adds to the wall.

Michelle Armas is well known for her amazing abstract paintings. She chose a popular one to print for this poster calendar.


I'm a huge fan of Leah Duncan and to enjoy a whole year of her patterns would be such a treat.

This synchronized swimmer one from Mae Mae Paperie is a great mix of whimsy and color.


I love that with this calendar each month unveils a happy watercolor pattern from Flora Douville.


The dramatic print on this language of flowers wall calendar is right up my alley.

Does anybody else geek out over pretty calendars like I do? I kind of want to buy one for every room of the house to enjoy.

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cassi... cassie_kellison

I love these. Usually I just buy a horse calendar that has been painted by an Artist, but it's still mass produced. On of these looks more one of a kind. I like it a lot.

mille... millerbunch

get them from Michael's or the dollar tree :)


slw123 slw123

These are cool, but I just buy mine from Target or somewhere.

elibee elibee

I have an Erté calendar from a few years back that I cannot bear to throw away because it too is worth framing. One day...

jessi... jessicasmom1

Nice I really like your sence of styling in bold bright colors

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