Squishy-Faced Puppies Tearing Into Gifts Will Make You Want One (VIDEO)

Adorable puppiesGrowing up, I was never one of those kids that asked for a puppy under the Christmas tree. Mostly because I was raised in an interfaith household and we always did the "big" presents on Hanukkah, but also because I understood that with our busy schedules, no one would really be around to care for the little rascal when it needed us most.

Nevertheless, that doesn't change that I've always secretly wanted one, and now more than ever, I'm convinced that this could be the year of the dog. Seriously! I'm older, much more mature, and to be honest -- I just don't know if I can wait any longer. Especially after watching this too-cute-for-words video, Puppy Christmas.

Be prepared to coo and say things like awwwwww and oh my gosh that's the most adorable thing EVAH!

Ready, set, puppies:


That's it, I'm sold. Seriously, aren't those pups just adorable? I love it when one of the little guys gets stuck under the Santa hat!

Sure, the puppies may have opened a few presents by accident, but how could anyone ever be upset when they're looking at cutesy squished faces like theirs? I think of coming home to that same little face every day, and feel like getting one for myself isn't such a bad idea. Sure, there are a lot of things to consider when deciding if you're ready for a pet. But what the hey -- 'tis the season, right?

Welp, I know what I want. If only deciding what to get my grandmother was this easy!

Do you have a dog? Would you ever consider giving one to your kids for the holidays?


Image via YouTube

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