Holiday House Light Show Will Rock Your World (VIDEO)


christmas light showI don't know where people find the time, but I'm sure glad they do. A man with superior exterior illumination skills in Reno, Nevada has lit up his house like a gosh darn Christmas tree, and so much more. There's a singing elf, dancing piano keys, and a flying Santa. Oh, and it's all coordinated to the Trans Siberian Orchestra's song "Queen of the Winter Night." This house holiday light show is just as good, if not better than the Halloween one back in October. Trust.

Carlo Schmitt, the mad genius behind the extremely over-the-top decorations, says he's been obsessed with Christmas lights since he was a kid. So kids, if you're reading this and like playing with lights on a string, you too can one day have the most kick-ass house in the neighborhood, if not the nation.

Visitors are encouraged to pull up to the house in their cars, tune their radio to 97.7, and listen and watch as the house comes to life with music, lights, and movement. It's truly incredible. It makes those blanket lights you throw over your front bushes seem super lame, not to mention that half-lit wreath you've got hanging on the front door. Loser.

I have no idea how the neighbors feel about the Schmitt residence (are they all seizing constantly?), but I'm hoping they're supportive and enthusiastic. I feel like you can't be mad at someone who's made something so gosh darn awesome. Then again, you never know.

To top it all off, it seems that the Schmitts are raising money for charity by asking onlookers for a simple and small donation to Multiple Sclerosis research. What a great cause, great house, and great family.

Watch the video -- and keep an eye out for the dancing candy cane part -- it's my favorite.


What do you think of the house? Do your neighbors do anything like this?


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cjsma... cjsmami29

thats awesome!

PonyC... PonyChaser

At the risk of starting a fight and beating a drum very loudly, people ask why "Holiday" is so "offensive" at Christmastime. This article - no, this TITLE - is the perfect example of why.

"Holiday House Light Show..."

It is not a "Holiday" light show. It is a CHRISTMAS light show. Elsewhere on this site this week, we've had articles mentioning Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Which are both fine. No problems. Happy both. But why can't this be called a "Christmas" light show? I see Santa and the reindeer. I see several elves, angels, candy canes... ALL symbols of only one of the holidays that take place this season, but we must call it "holiday" so as not to "offend" because, why? Maybe the owners of the house don't celebrate Christmas and we don't want to hurt their feelings???

THIS is why the "merry christmasers" get ticked off at the "happy holidays" stuff. Because it's only that one holiday that is eliminated and PC'd up.

Rant over.

Meanwhile... excellent light show. I would LOVE This next door to me ('course I live in the country, so there's plenty of spece to do this), since this piece of music is one of those on "terminal repeat" in our house. We love TSO and "The Lost Christmas Eve". And good for this family for raising money for MS. What a wonderful way to celebrate and give back!



Kayla... KaylaMillar

A house in our neighborhood did something like this and it was really cool to watch!

Laneydo Laneydo

My cousin has done this in a suburb of Houston for the last two years - they sync up the light show to 3 different Christmas songs and transmit on fm. They actually have 3 houses on their street in a row that are all hooked in to it and are synced together (this year only 2 houses but next year will be back to 3). It's too fun.

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