Rude FedEx Guy Throws Computer & Makes Me Scared to Send Gifts (VIDEO)

fedexIt's always a little scary mailing gifts or ordering things online during the holidays. Not just because who knows if it's ever going to make it to the destination on time, but because shit can break. And shit does break. Wanna know why? Because FedEx guys like this dude in the video are too busy to ring doorbells, so they just throw brand new computers over the gate. True story. You have to see it to believe it.



Check it:

Dude doesn't even attempt to get in touch with the person who lives there. He doesn't knock. Doesn't ring a bell. Doesn't even peer over the fence. Just boom! Drops that computer like a bad habit. And, hey, guess what? Not surprisingly, it broke.

The owner of the computer wrote on his YouTube page: "Here is a video of my monitor being 'delivered'. The sad part is that I was home at the time with the front door wide open. All he would have had to do was ring the bell on the gate. Now I have to return my monitor since it is broken."

I get that FedEx, UPS, and mail carriers are super busy this time of year, but you know what? So are a lot of people. Just because they're busy doesn't mean it's okay to treat expensive items like crap. The box clearly showed that it was a computer. It's kind of insane that he threw it over the fence like that.

So, I guess this is proof. Proof that shipping items this time of year is a bad idea. But since most of us don't have a choice, guess we just need to take extra precautions -- tons of padding; notes that say "fragile" on the packages; and notes for FedEx guys that read, "Please don't throw items over gate. Thanks."

Do you get nervous mailing stuff this time of year?


Image via YouTube

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