Cute Chanukah Decorations You Can Pull Together Last Minute

Chanukah Holiday Banner

Tonight is the first night of Chanukah! You know what that means? While you Gentiles still have time to get overnight shipping on your last-minute gifts and decorations, we Jews are totally screwed!

I realized last night that my sisters and their families will be stopping by tonight for a little light-up-the-winter cheer. Though it's not a big to-do, I did want to make some cute homemade Chanukah decorations. I scoured Pinterest for stuff that wasn't shaped like dreidels and candles (come on, people, surely we can do better than that) and threw together these neat-o ideas in only a few hours. (Note: A quick color-change can make these decoration appropriate for Christmas, too.) Take a look:


Felt banners (above) are all the rage, and I love them. But I'm so not handy with a sewing machine. No problem! When I went to my local reuse warehouse and saw books and books of fabric samples practically free for the taking, I was struck by inspiration. A little ribbon, some iron on-letters, and a pair of pinking shears later ... whaddaya think?


Chanukah Christmas Holiday Decorations

Next up, this construction-paper flower was super-easy. It was just a question of cutting out 1-inch strips and using a staple and some tape. Would it have been even easier with double-sided tape? Yes, yes, it would. But too bad, I didn't have any. Anyway, these flowers will hang from the archway between our kitchen and living room.

The felt garlands are so pretty! I realized too late that 1) there is something known as bulk felt that you can buy in six-foot strips and 2) that was what I was supposed to get. I like this stuff anyway: It comes from Michael's, and it's made of recycled plastic bottles. I snipped 1-inch lengths and will attach them end-to-end to create a simple, festive garland. It can also be made into little bracelets or go onto a picture frame.


chanukah handprint menorah

The menorah handprint was a lot of fun with my kids, inspired by a craft they did at school (the Christmas-tree version, below). I'll add a yellow "flame" each night, and my thumb is the shamash. Awesome, no? You can do this one with finger paint, of course. (I just have a low tolerance for finger paint. Does that make me a bad person?)

As promised, here's the Christmas version:

Handprint Christmas Tree

What holiday crafts do you like to make or do with your kids?

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