Adorable Dish-Washing Monkey Is Something Every Kitchen Needs (VIDEO)

washing monkeyI've found the perfect Santa's Little Helper to get me through the holidays this year. He's short, he's got an overbite, and he does dishes. Meet Pete, the scrubbing monkey! Not only does he leave pots shining, he does it all with a baby on his back. Yup, he's the ultimate baby-wearing kitchen assistant, and he is so invited to my place this Christmas.

Childcare provider, pot-scrubber, and adorable critter? All in one? And he's so thorough in his scrubbing, too! This is the ultimate Christmas present for the busy mom, right? I want one.


Okay, fine, I'm kidding. Obviously Pete would much rather live in his monkey sanctuary in El Chapar, Bolivia than my tiny apartment. But I'm still impressed! Here's what Frenchman Louis Dumas, who filmed Pete in the act, told Amazing Stuff about the handy monkey.

Pete had been observing me washing the pots for a few days before he took over and began completely and perfectly imitating me!

The monkey on his back is a baby female called Pea. She is not his daughter. Pete had an unfortunate overbite which made him a particularly ugly monkey; he had very little success with the ladies and therefore looked after babies a lot.”

Awww, doesn't that just make you love Pete even more? He's made himself indispensable to the rest of the monkeys. I hope they appreciate him for it -- and I hope at least one lady monkey is giving him a little business on the side.

Meanwhile, I'm totally using this video against my 8-year-old son. "Hey, if a MONKEY can wash dishes so can you, young man!" This is a life-changing video for me, seriously. The age of parental dish-washing in my home has officially ended. If I can't have Pete the Dish-washing Monkey then Child Labor it shall be.

Thank you, Pete and Louis. The rest of you, check out the cuuuuuute domestic adorableness here.

Who does most of the dishes at your place? Could you use a dish-washing monkey?

Image via YouTube

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