Warm Weather Christmas Photos Will Make You Thankful for Snow

San Francisco ChristmasWhen I was growing up, Christmas wasn't always white. But it was, without fail, bitterly cold. We might have stepped outside long enough for a photo op, but mostly it was playing with cousins inside and admiring our new hats, gloves, scarves, long underwear, fuzzy socks, electric blankets, seven-hour hand-warmers (please, I only wish they had existed then), and earmuffs.

Which is why it was such a shock to move to California. No, it's not beach-friendly all year. But after my first winter here, I realized I hadn't experienced any of the usual winter woes: frozen tears, chapped nose, flaky scalp, lizardy skin.

Of course, I also missed any chance at a White Christmas. People here freak out at a flurry, shiver when it's 50 degrees, and truck snow into the middle of town for one-day sledding events. (See photo to the left.)

If you're shivering your way through the holiday season, maybe it would amuse you to see how Christmas looks in warmer climates. Like, for instance ...


San Diego Christmas

There's something so insanely incongruous about palm trees and tinsel in this San Diego scene. The green of the tinsel is so garish against the natural green of the fronds! It's like they're yelling, "We're supposed to appear in front of BARE trees. It's in our contract!"


Puerto Rico Christmas

The poor Nutcracker standing guard over this building in Puerto Rico looks like he's sweating his wooden/ballon-ey cojones off.


Hawaii Christmas

Holiday fact: Hawaiians really know how to party. I love how this display winks at the Santa tradition and makes it hu'i-hu'i! (Apparently that means cool. I dunno. Any Hawaiians want to weigh in on this?)


Florida Christmas

When I think of Rockefeller Center in New York City, and how it looks like Christmas got a stomach virus and vomited copiously all over the square, I have to laugh at this one, poor, lost-looking Christmas decoration bravely and hanging in there to bring holiday "cheer" to Florida. Can he get some kind of medal?


Disney Christmas

Only in Disneyland (well, and probably Disney World) do you mix bare arms with furry gloves and Santa hats. Warm yourself by this chickie's thousand-watt smile.


Israel Chanukah Hanukkah

And of course, what's more seasonal than a menorah festooned with fuchsia? Well, it is Israel after all.

Does a warm weather winter seem weird to you, or do you live somewhere with a non-white Christmas?

Images via ercwttmn (San Diego), Chispy2 (Puerto Rico), yukihiro.m (Hawaii), Elin B (Florida), Jamesongravity (Disneyland), zeevvees (Israel)/Flickr

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