Black Bear Invades Home & Surprises the Cable Guy

black bearAnimals are breaking into our homes in droves this winter. First there was an adorable baby seal that came in through a cat door and snuggled up for the night on a woman's couch, and now there's news that a black bear was found taking a snooze in the basement of a New Jersey man's home. I'd much rather find a cuddly little seal cub than an adult bear in my house, but you have to work with the cards you're dealt.

The sleepy bear was discovered by the cable guy who was in the home to fix an issue and no one's really sure what's more surprising: That there was a bear in the basement between the hours of 11 and 3 or that the cable guy was actually there between the hours of 11 and 3.


The bear did not attack the cable guy and eat his face off, so there's that. No one was injured, and New Jersey Fish and Game officials eventually came to tranquilize the big boy and release him back into the wild. I have no idea how the animal got inside the house (can they open sliding-glass doors?!) but clearly this one is smarter than the average bear, eh Boo Boo? And it makes perfect sense that he not only beat the cable guy there, but also fell asleep waiting for him.

I hope I too am lucky enough to have some awesome animal break in and enter my home. Well, I've had a pigeon invade my living room, but that was horrifying, gross, and not just a little bit traumatizing. I'd much rather have a leopard cub, or a baby hippopotamus, or how cute would a miniature horse invasion be? To all adorable animals out there: Mi casa, su casa. You are welcome with open arms.*

Has any wild animal made his way into your home?


Photo via Bess Sadler/Flickr

*Excluding pigeons, birds of any kind, really, mice, rats, snakes (sorry), and anything that's looking to lay eggs. Mama doesn't need no zoo up in here.

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