Family's Stolen Christmas Display Magically Reappears on Neighbor's Lawn

christmas decorationsIt's a Christmas miracle! A family in Florida woke one morning to discover that their collection of holiday yard decorations -- valued at $500! -- had been stolen. But in the spirit of Christmas, they magically reappeared!

On the suspect's own lawn less than a block away!

Seriously, people. Who steals Christmas decorations and stashes them in their own front yard in the same neighborhood?


Some might call this sad. Or stupid. I call it: a holiday gift beyond measure. People this crazy and stupid remind me that no matter what dumb thing I do today, I’m not the biggest idiot or the meanest Grinch or the craziest cranky person.

Thanks to the greatest surveillance video ever filmed, police determined that 18-year-old Guadalupe Valdez and several accomplices unplugged the decorations from the front yard of the Alemendarez family and moved them to Valdez's yard less than a block away -- with all the businesslike focus of shoppers choosing purchases at the mall.

(Hey wait a minute, maybe that's a good defense for them! They thought it was a Black Friday midnight sale at Wal-Mart, and got the address wrong! Hooray, I'm a lawyer. That'll be $250 an hour, please.)

Among the items they stole were: Mickey Mouse on a rocking horse that has a glowing head; penguins in winter garb, sitting in an igloo; and Snoopy re-enacting a scene from the Vampire Diaries.

You know, when people steal necessities, I feel kind of bad. Even if they're drug-addled and irresponsible, I think, "At least they had the presence of mind to realize they needed diapers and formula." But nobody NEEDS lawn ornaments, do they?

If I think about it too hard, my head just hurts.

Do you have a neighbor whose lawn ornaments you'd like to steal?

Image via Roblisameehan/Flickr

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