How to Wrap Unusually-Shaped Presents (VIDEOS)


wrap a catI come from a long line of gift wrapping phenoms. My grandmother could gift wrap a present wearing a blindfold, standing on one leg, drunk as a skunk, without using any tape. My sister's got some mad skills, too. I think she was an elf in a past life; her wrapping is so flawless that you never want to rip into it, you just want to put it on your shelf and admire the craftsmanship. I, on the other hand, shove a gift in a recycled bag from Whole Foods, throw in some crinkled tissue paper I dug out of the trash at the office holiday party, and toss it into the recipient's lap like a lead football.

So if you're wrapping-challenged like me, maybe this year we can turn things around and actually be proud of our presentations. I think we all know how to wrap the normal box (even though we suck at it), so let's focus on a higher level of difficulty. Let's really test ourselves. With that in mind, here are some instructional videos that will show us how to wrap unusually shaped presents.

Here's a video that will make wrapping a toy seem like the most complicated thing on the planet, but hey, it's a nice looking present when all's said and done.

And here's how you can wrap a t-shirt all fancy-like:

Here's one that'll teach you how to wrap a present like a pro. Literally.

And this is a dream come true: A gift wrapped cat for Christmas!

And wrapping a gift basket's never been easier:

Good luck, fellow wrappers!

Do you have any gift wrapping tips?


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JHanc968 JHanc968

Cool! Thanks!

daerc... daerca574

I just go with it!  sometimes I am amazed at myself!  haha

Shell... Shell__Beach

I wish there was a video for "How to wrap a Pillow Pet so it doesn't look like it's a Pillow Pet". I couldn't find a gift bag large enough, those plastic gift sacks are TOO big, so I did my best to wrap it in wrapping paper. It looks ridiculous. Thankfully my son's only 5 1/2 so I highly doubt he'll care much either way.

And my gift wrapping tip? Have patience! I didn't when I was younger and my packages looked awful. I've gotten so much more zen about gift wrapping as I've gotten older and they turn out much nicer when I remember to breathe and stop swearing at the one little piece that just won't lay flat.

sunny... sunnytxmom

These videos showcase some mad wrapping skills! However I find using so much paper, ribbons, ect to be terribly wasteful. I usually pick one special gift to each of my children and husband to be extravagant with wrapping. Big items will get a bow on top and may be hidden under a blanket.

GlowW... GlowWorm889

That cat is way too calm. I think if I tried to do that to any of the cats I've owned I would have lost a few fingers. XD

Krist... KristinRox

My only goal when wrapping is that it covers the gift inside. I could care less how beautiful it looks. I know that after 5 seconds of my child seeing the wrapped gift, it will be without the wrapping paper.

slw123 slw123

I can wrap anything, lol.  Never had a problem.

dixie... dixiegurl223626

I just go with it. I love wrapping strange shaped gifts!

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