Man Shot by His Own Dog Is World's Worst Pet Owner

Duck ButtsDepending on how you look at it, the following story is either about the worst pet in the world or the dumbest pet owner in the world -- you decide.

A duck hunter was riding in a boat in Utah with his dog, and he left his gun lying across the bow of his boat while he got out to rearrange the decoys. Whereupon the dog stumbled on the gun, and shot the guy.

Right in the butt.



Predictably, the comments on this story mostly identify with the dog -- and the ducks. "The hunter becomes the hunted," one person said. "How does it feel?" Another says, "A dog is a man’s best friend -- until you leave him in a boat with a loaded weapon."

Personally, I think this dog saw a preview of Rise of the Planet of the Apes and got some ideas into his head. Or maybe he saw that episode of Little House on the Prairie where Half-Pint accidentally shoots Pa in the gut by throwing her blanket into the wagon where he’d left his rifle, and thought he’d found a foolproof way to rid himself of Mr. Antler-Headband before Christmas.

The guy should be glad he had a dog with him, rather than a cat. Even on their best days, I usually suspect most cats as having a pearl-handled revolver hidden somewhere in their fur, just waiting for some idiot owner to try that spray-bottle trick on them.

Parrots carry their own projectiles, obviously. Next time I let one sit on my shoulder, I’m checking his guano for grenades. Come to think of it, a hamster could easily cover one in his own fur, so check your furry friends for pins next time you cuddle them.

And watch out for the ducks in Utah. They’re in cahoots with the dogs, apparently. If they drag cats into the mix, nobody will be safe.

Or maybe hunters just need to be a little less blasé about where they leave their weaponry.

What's the worst thing your pet ever did to you?

Image via Ingridtaylar/Flickr

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