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20 Easy Last-Minute Homemade Christmas Gifts

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Besides the thought of getting someone something, which is pretty special in itself, gifts have become impersonal. Anyone can buy a gift during the holidays, but it's the ones that take time and effort to make that really stand out in the sea of red and green wrapping paper and ribbons. They're inexpensive to give, but really special to receive. And they don't even have to be that difficult to make, either.

DIY gifts are inherently one-of-a-kind, and putting that personalized touch on something can really outshine any store-bought gift. No matter how simple or small the DIY gift is, it shows just how much effort and time we put in to create something for someone else! Sorry, but Macy's doesn't have that in stock.

Let's all think back to some of our most prized possessions. We bet at least one of the items has sentimental value, such as the blanket that Grandma knitted for us when we were a baby. Point proven.

The gift-maker also totally benefits from making homemade gifts. Instead of spending tons of money in the hectic stores, or crossing our fingers that a shipment arrives in time, we can spend quality time with our kids or other loved ones crafting the gifts together. (Also, assembly lines are very efficient, so that's another reason to round up the kids.)

Click through to see 20 easy homemade gift ideas.


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1Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels

Salty, sweet, and adorable add up to perfection in a jar: these chocolate-dipped pretzels would make a delicious gift.

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3Cookies in a Jar

A cookie mix in a jar is almost too pretty to eat. Almost. I especially dig the cowgirl cookies in a jar.

Image © Tanja Luther/Westend61/Corbis

4Handmade Sachets

Who wouldn't love a little sachet sending whiffs of heavenly scents into drawers and closets? Keep the smell of Christmas lingering well into January with these stamped sachets.


5S'Mores in a Jar

Can't you almost feel the campfire? These s'mores in a jar look so yummy you may have to make a few for yourself, too!

Image © iStock.com/humonia

6Homemade Vanilla Extract

Not only does this look gorgeous, but it's also sure to be needed during the holidays. Here's how to make homemade vanilla extract.


7Candy Cane Vodka

Talk about necessary! Let's just call this medicinal. And, candy cane vodka couldn't be easier to make.


9Vintage Teacup Candles

These vintage teacup candles are gorgeous and easier to make than you think. I'd package this with a box of pretty matches and a nice bubble bath. Ahhhh...


10Peppermint Foot Scrub

Peppermint foot scrub is exactly what every good mom wants this holiday season. Be sure to save a little for your own tired feet.

11Chocolate-Covered Bacon

Move over, pretzels and cookies. Chocolate-covered bacon is here and as unique as can be. It's also so easy to make! Just package some yummy strips up, and you've got a great gift for anyone.

12Caramel Popcorn

Upgrade everyone's favorite snack, popcorn, by making a batch of delicious caramel popcorn. Mix in some chocolate chips or other treats, and then package them up and gift 'em out! Perfect for teachers or hostesses, or even neighbors.


Fan of flowers and all things pretty? Make some homemade potpourri -- it's easier than you think. Pick our your favorite herbs, spices, and flowers, then spray with an essential oil-water mix, and pop in the oven. Ideal to do in batches!

14Twig Candle Holder

Did you find this in Pier 1 Imports? No, you made this super cute twig candle holder. The best part is that this idea has you going outside and getting some fresh air. Just gather some twigs, and hot glue them to a glass votive. You can even spray-paint the twigs gold or silver for a chicer touch.

16Ice Cream Sundae in a Box

Know someone with a sweet tooth? Pull together this adorable ice cream sundae in a box gift. Just gather all the makings for a delicious sundae: hot fudge, caramel, sprinkles, cones, and cute bowls, utensils, and napkins, and put it all in a cutely decorated box. 

17Gingerbread Granola

This gingerbread granola recipe by Well Plated takes less than an hour to make, and will make your home spell deliciously like gingerbread. The recipe calls for nuts, flaxseed, and candied ginger, and will make a yummy gift for anyone who likes to snack (and who doesn't?).

19Peppermint Bark

Peppermint bark is the perfect treat for the holiday season. This is an easy recipe that combines white and semi-sweet chocolate. You can make a batch in one day, and then wrap it up and gift it out the next.

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