10 handmade holiday giftsAnyone can buy a gift during the holidays, but it's the ones that take time and effort to make that really stand out to me. They're inexpensive to give, but really special to recieve. I, for one, would be thrilled with any of these. (Hint, hint!!!)













1. Homemade Vanilla Extract. Not only does this look gorgeous, but it's also sure to be needed during the holidays.

2. Candy Cane Vodka. Talk about necessary! Let's just call this medicinal. And, it couldn't be easier to make.

3. S'mores in a Jar. Can't you almost feel the campfire?

4.Personalized Snow Globe. How cute would these be personalized for your kids? I'm thinking Lego people and plastic dinosaurs for mine.

5. Chocolate Dipped Pretzels. Salty, sweet and adorable add up to perfection in a jar.

6. Christmas Tree Cards. Halmark has nothing on these.

7. Monogrammed Candles. I'd package this with a box of pretty matches and a nice bubble bath. Ahhhh...

8. Peppermint Foot Scrub.Be sure to save a little for your own tired feet.

9. Cowgirl Cookies in a Jar. Almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

10. Stamped Sachets. Keep the smell of Christmas lingering well into January.

What's the best homemade Christmas gift you've ever received?