Pets Like Santa More Than Kids Do (PHOTOS)

Santa Pets 1The Internet is awash with photos of kids crying on Santa's lap. I'm not such a fan of those -- maybe because I'm not all that into Santa in the first place. (Okay fine, I did laugh a little. Just a little.)

But it occurs to me that while kids have basically no reason to please us (after all, we have to love them -- by law), our pets are a lot more accommodating. Need proof? Check out these photos of pets in Santa's lap. Not one of them is crying! 

Does this tell us that perhaps Christmas should be ... going to the dogs?


Actually, I lied. The dog to the left, Ike, was PETRIFIED of Santa and refused to have his picture taken. My friend Suz, also pictured (and she apologizes for those bangs, but I think she looks cute), says, "We had Santa quietly leave the scene, then silently sidle up behind me and offer Ike a treat, which he ate before he realized who was giving it to him." Which only makes this picture 100 times funnier. (And you now have a new trick for getting your kids' pics with Santa that is only 20 percent likely to give them a lifelong emotional-eating habit!)


Pets Santa Gothic Beagle 1

Marie Winton (aka GothicBeagle on Flickr) took about a million photos of pets with Santa as a fundraiser for Cascade Beagle Rescue, and they are all off the hook. But this one takes the candy cane, right?


pets santa gothic beagle 2

What's better than a lapdog who doesn't know he's entirely too big to be a lapdog? TWO lapdogs who don't know they're entirely too big to be lapdogs! It's a Christmas miracle!


Santa Pets 2

Anyone else notice that this guy shaved his mutton chops so they'd match his dog's markings? Jingle all the way to the barber, dude!


Santa Pets 3

Maybe Santa is hiding some bacon in his beard. You know what I just realized? The dogs don't even know Santa's supposed to bring them presents! Yet they still love him!


Santa Pets 4

Saved the best for last. Why is it the best? First, that's not a dog, yet he's the size of a dog. In fact, he would dwarf most chihuahuas. Second, Look close: I think Santa might be a lady!

Who likes Santa better -- your kids or your pets?

Images via Suz Redfearn (with permission), GothicBeagle/Flickr (with permission), SailorBill/Flickr, Dansanuf/Flickr, Xriva/Flickr

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