Incredible Dog Rescues Kittens From Certain Death (VIDEO)

regan the dogGet ready to feel like you've been wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket and playfully tackled to the couch by Ryan Gosling because this story is a feel-gooder. Bear with me because even though it starts off kind of awful, it comes around big time in the end. Some inhumane, heartless idiot dumped four or five kittens by the side of a road sealed in a Meow Mix bag, which is just painfully awful to think about. They were ignored and left to die, but thankfully, Regan intervened, and amazingly, Regan's a dog.

He carried the sack of kittens all the way home and whimpered until his owner opened the bag and saw two weak and injured kittens among the carnage of their dead brothers and sisters.


The bag had clearly been run over by a passing vehicle, but Skipper and Tipper managed to survive. After being bottle-fed every two hours for a couple of weeks, they made a full recovery and the cute little angels are now available for adoption. What are you waiting for?!

But even more incredible than Tip and Skip is Regan's loving instinct. Experts say that a dog like him could've easily done the complete opposite and reacted to the scent of the kittens in a more aggressive manner. But not Regan. He wanted to help and save his furry friends. My heart gets a little tight just thinking about it because Regan is so sweet. What an amazing animal and pet.

Maybe Regan will change the phrase from fight like cats and dogs to care for one another like cats and dogs. It's a long shot, but I nominate Regan, Tipper, and Skipper to lead the campaign to change our perspective.

PS: Told you the story would come around in the end.

Watch the wonderful story:


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