Hanging Colored Christmas Lights Shouldn’t Be a Crime

christmas decorationsThere's one in every neighborhood every year. The person who throws up a whole mish-mash of holiday decor on the front of their house and all over their lawn. Plastic reindeer; a blow-up snowman; colored lights here, white lights there. It's a hot mess, and you, who have worked so hard to create an enchanting winter wonderland that would make Martha Stewart blush, are half irritated with it, half in love with it. Because as ugly as it is, it wouldn't be the holidays without it.

The fine folks of the Doylestown Station Condominium Association in Pennsylvania agree with you on the feeling irritated part. So much so, in fact, that they actually had a merry-spirited woman fined $400 for daring to use colored lights in their all white-light neighborhood. Racist grinches.


The incident took place last year, so the woman, Marie Buonanno, isn't daring to venture into colored-light territory again this year. Instead, she's opted for a lightless condo with only a lone wreath hanging, forlornly, from her front door. Rumor has it, a single tear was seen falling from it on midnight the day it was hung.

See, the community in which Buonanno resides isn't run by communists, it's run by people who have a deep appreciation of what they think is classy, tasteful holiday decorum. Not only are white, non-blinking lights the protocol for outside (decided by a democratic vote), residents can only put up a single white, blue, or orange light in their windows.

I, personally, am partial to white, non-blinking lights, also. And when I eventually live in a place with a front door (that leads to the outside world) of my own, that's how I intend to show my Christmas spirit. But I wouldn't dream of reporting a neighbor whose lights didn't meet my keen-eyed standards. Having each house have the same holiday decorations is weird, and it sort of reminds me of the neighborhood in Edward Scissorhands. Or Wisteria Lane. It's too cookie-cutter. Too robotic. With way too little Christmas cheer.

Part of the fun of the holidays is learning and seeing how other people celebrate. If everyone did the same thing, that would be terribly boring. That's just how I feel, though. And one of the reasons I'll never move to Doylestown Station Condominium Association.

Age old question: White lights or colored lights?


Image via ReneS/Flickr

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