Town Rallies to Return Impounded Dog to Her Family for Christmas

Free Maggie! While some people were occupying Wall Street, others were showing up to show support for Maggie, a Connecticut-based dog who has gotten worldwide attention ever since she innocently bit a dead bat on a walk and was taken to the vet by her concerned owner.
Rabies is nothing to mess around with -- rabies deaths are painful and awful! But the Connecticut state statutes were pretty strict: Because her rabies booster was out of date (by three months!), Maggie was required to be in quarantine at the dog pound for three months.
Maggie’s family was heartbroken. Maggie herself started to freak out from being alone so much and suffered from skin infections. And a community went into action.


The trouble was that there wasn’t enough brain tissue in the dead bat to test for rabies, so they had to go with the worst-case scenario. Never mind that there’s good evidence that yearly rabies boosters are medically unnecessary (you can test for the antibodies, and they have been proven to last longer than three years). The vet and the city of Stonington agreed that they’d be better safe than sorry, and Maggie was in the pound.
In the great scheme of things, this isn’t the biggest deal in the world. Yet my heart is warmed by the outpouring of concern over Maggie. She was put in the pokey around October 22, and on November 26, 50 people turned up for a protest march at the town hall. Newspapers around the world reported on her plight. Her Facebook page, Free Maggie, has nearly 2,000 members, all posting in support of Maggie and her owner. (Well, mostly. There are a few arguments about how the boosters should have been kept updated. But that's Facebook for you!)

Finally, the town decided that, since her health records showed she had been well cared for and had her booster shots in all the years preceding Batgate, she could be released one month early and finish her quarantine at home.
Hey, sometimes it’s the little stories that make the big ones more bearable.
Would you have marched for Maggie?

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