10 Tacky Christmas Decorations Guaranteed to Make You Laugh (PHOTOS)

santa claus curtainsI love this time of the year when new holiday decorations pop up daily. The glow of warm, white lights and the fun of the multi-colored ones just make me happy. Tinsel and pine and candles, oh my! There's something so right about classic Christmas decorations. I can't get enough.

And then there is the other kind of decorations -- the white trash type that should forever be banished to the far corners of the basement. Except for the fact that they are so very entertaining ...


1. Tootin Santa Farting Santa Butt Holiday Ornament. Nothing says Christmas like a old man's ass.


2. Santa Toilet Seat Cover and Rug Set. Taking festive to a whole new level.

3. Christmas Curtain Santa & Reindeer. A lovely way to incorporate Christmas into your everyday decor.



4. Plastic Santa's Helper Vest. We've sexed up Halloween, why not Christmas too?

5. 19" Light Up Adult Battery Operated Bright & Colorful Tinsel Christmas Tree Hat. Catch the holiday spirit! And maybe electrocute yourself, too!

6. Santa Mailbox Cover. In case your mailman isn't aware of the season.

7. Inflatable Stock Car Christmas Santa. You neighbors will love this one!

8. Taylor Lautner ornament. Perhaps the worst ornament ever.


9. Christmas Scene Sweater. So bad, it's good.


10. Christmas Scrunchies! And you thought plain scrunchies were bad.


Which tacky Christmas decoration is on your must-have list this year?

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