5 Ways to Decorate Your House for Christmas on the Cheap

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christmas treeNo one can spend $100 on crap at a discount store faster than this lady. I can't help myself, especially when it comes to holiday decorations. A dancing Santa? A must-have. Green and red garland with gold glitter? Necessary. A nine-post candelabra featuring the heads of the reindeer? Who can resist. This year, though, I wanna do things differently. Not only do I want to save money, but my storage space is very limited and I can't really fit more Christmas crap under my bed.

With that in mind, here are 5 ways to decorate your home for Christmas on the cheap.

Paper snowflakes! They're easy and fun to make; all you need is paper, scissors, and some string and tape if you want to hang them. Making paper snowflakes is a great activity to do with the kids -- throw on some Christmas tunes, put a batch of cookies in the oven, and start cutting!

paper snowflakes

Popcorn garland is also super cheap and super festive. Pop some up, grab a needle and thread, and start stringing. It's a delicious and decorative treat!


Got some pine trees in the backyard? No, not suggesting you chop one down to use for your tree, but you can collect some pine cones and bring them inside for a little holiday cheer. Paint them, spray them with glitter, and/or arrange them in a centerpiece with red Christmas ornament balls.


Another great product to steal from nature is holly. Snip a few branches off a bush, mix with some evergreen needles you've found outside, and spread across your mantel. Or put in an old picnic basket with other greenery. It's perfect for the Hollydays!


I saved the best for last. I saw this in a friend's home and fell in love. She hung candy canes from the chandelier over the dining room table and it looked fabulous. Hang some with string to get some length variation and you'll be so pleased!

candy canes

There you have it! Five inexpensive ways to decorate this season.

What are your tips for doing some holiday decorating without spending a lot of money?

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Kayle... KayleeBear

We also decorate by wrapping all of the framed pictures and hanging them back on the walls. :)

chicm... chicmommyx3

I hang different Christmas ornaments from the chandeliers (kitchen, living room and entry way) as well as from the banister with lights and a fake evergreen 'vine' and in the windows.  I use fishing line, so it looks like they are 'floating'.  There are always lots of different sizes, shapes and colors of packaged ornaments at the dollar store.  This year they even have glitery ones.  Nothing better than glitter at Christmas time!!!


or just go to your local Dollar Tree!! i decorated the entire front porch for under $15.00

Saman... Samanthamommy

I go to the dollar tree. :)

jessi... jessicasmom1

Thank you I go to the Dollar tree too

ceciliam ceciliam

I make a lot of my own ornaments from felt. I love candy canes on a tree as decor and if stored properly, they last for years.

I couldn't do popcorn garland because I have pets....

elasmimi elasmimi

I am doing the candy cane chandelier thing first thing tomorrow!

Jilly... Jillysmom

I do the snowflakes in my bus(I know its not my house but im in it enough). I have each kid make one and we hang them up.

slw123 slw123

We are only decorating with the items we currently own this year.  I will have the kids make a paper chain this year, but we already have the colored paper.

bether89 bether89

My son and I made oragami Santas for our tree this afternoon.

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