A Nursery With the Perfect Mix of Modern & Vintage

There's an art to decorating with vintage pieces, and Vicki Eastland is an expert in the field. Not only does she know a good find when she spots one (ahem, that phone booth door), she knows how to mix vintage and modern finds to create a look that is far from contrived. While the red door stands out, there is an abundance of other details that you'll love in each corner of the room. Take a look.


Forget the mobile, go with a standing branch instead.

I like that she chose to keep the walls white. It keeps things fresh and doesn't distract from the details.

The perfect spot to read and cuddle. Loved those neat crates-turned-bookshelves!

And that might be the most fascinating stuffed little creature I have ever seen.

How fun to live in an older house with loads of character already built in. That fireplace is amazing!

I'm thinking Vicki will be getting some calls asking for her decorating advice now. Such a great room!

What do you think? Do you love the artsy details? Or long for something more orderly?


Images via Vicki Eastland

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