'Jersey Shore' Ornaments Great for the Idiot on Your List

jersey shore ornamentsIf anyone's looking for a not-so-last-minute gift idea for me, I have one. I'd like Snooki hanging from a tree. My Christmas tree, to be exact. Same with the Situation and Pauly D. Believe it or not, the three icons of guidodom have been made into Christmas ornaments. Instead of brightening your living room with tinsel and little sparkling lights, why not liven up the place with miniature orange figurines dangling from limp branches that cannot support the weight. Nothing really says "happy holidays" better than a small, plastic cast member of the Jersey Shore.


The little guys were being sold on HSN for $25 for the three, but I hear they're sold out and won't be available on HSN again. I can't believe that thousands of people paid for this crap, and if you're reading this and thinking, Shoot! I wish I'd known about this earlier! then don't fret. Turns out Walgreens has picked up where the Home Shopping Network left off and is selling Snooks, the Sitch, and Pauly for $5.99 apiece. Lucky you.

If your children ask who the people are hanging from the tree, you can explain to them that they're the zeitgeists of our generation that need to be honored and respected. You can use the moment to teach the young ones about the importance of gym, tan, laundry, and how if they choose to humiliate themselves on reality TV, they too could be immortalized in plastic. 

The Jersey Shore-naments are a Christmas miracle and perfect for that idiot on your list. Snatch them up as fast as you can and remember: If things get hairy in that store, you break out the pepper spray like a real woman and fight for what's yours. Happy holidays!

What do you think of these ornaments?


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