Green Tuesday Would Never Bring Out the Pepper Sprayers

giftsWasn't it just a few years ago when the only post-Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas "holiday" was Black Friday? Where the hell did all these other color/day-of-the-week celebrations come from? I mean, I respect Cyber Monday. That's been around for some time. But what's up with all this other crap? Have you ever heard of "Magenta Saturday"? Yeah, it was an event by T-Mobile that offered shoppers the chance to buy gadgets and whatnot on a layaway plan. And how about Mattel, who lured potential buyers in with discounts of 60 percent off toys for girls and boys on "Pink Friday" and "Blue Friday"? Weird, right?

But the holiday/day/whatever you want to call it that intrigues me the most is Green Tuesday. 'Cause it's by far the strangest day of all.


Green Tuesday is sponsored by Nonprofit Green America, and it encourages consumers to buy gifts with the environment and local communities in mind. The organization is planning on pushing the event every Tuesday through December. They're planning on showcasing deals on its website, including those on jewelry made from recycled nuclear bomb equipment and a self-watering system for plants. Not your average gifts.

So, Green Tuesday. The intent of it is good, no? But is it gimmicky as all get out like the rest? You bet it is. But, who cares?

See, the businesses and websites that are holding all of these crazy online specials are, well, big. They're having deals to get bigger (read: richer). And they are. The thing with Green Tuesday, not to sound cheesy, is it's actually doing good for local businesses and the environment. And Nonprofit Green America, obviously, isn't profiting off of the event. If inventing some weirdly-named day is what they have to do to support the little people, so be it. And it totally should work.

As you know, the holidays are a weird time. A time of contradictions. On one hand, we all feel greedy and materialistic as hell for spending so much money on useless crap, and on the other, we feel extra altruistic and kind since that's how we're supposed to feel. It's the perfect set of conflicting of emotions for people to buy things that support a good cause. They're in the mood to spend and they feel like "giving back."

Green Tuesday, you just might be slickest color/day-of-the-week celebration of all. And I now respect you, too. Magenta Saturday, the jury's still out on you.

What do you think of Green Tuesday?


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