Potted Christmas Trees Make Every Room Festive

Most years, we like to put our Christmas tree up during Thanksgiving weekend. We ignore Black Friday and instead, we embrace our inner homebodies and use the time to prep and dream for the holiday excitement to come. I love the idea of purchasing a series of small live trees and potting them in various containers to dot around the house. I imagine it would make every room feel festive, and smell fresh. Take a look at these images and tell me what you think. 


Tiny plantings in mugs and ceramic jars would look festive on the kitchen counter.

This one makes a big impact in the house and would have big impact in the garden come spring time.

This is a smallish tree, but raising it up ensures it's still the focal point of the room.

These dwarf varieties make adorable gifts!

So what do you think? Fun and festive or too much of a sweeping hassle? Have you ever tried a live tree?

Images via: Willow Decor, The Haystack Needle, Michelle Garrett, Little Green Notebook, The Letterred CottageHus & Hem

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