9 Dazzling Built-In Bookcases That Will Wow You

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We all know what it's like to get lost in a good book, but today, let's get lost in gorgeous bookshelves instead. I've long admired stunning built-ins (especially when they include a rolling ladder!) and hope to have a library filled to the brim one day.

So enjoy a little breather and admire these beautiful built-in bookshelves I've rounded up for your viewing pleasure.

We love organizing our books by color for visual interest.

Books don't have to go in a library -- they can work in the dining room too.

My kids would have a field day with a ladder like that.

I love the brilliant color of these shelves.

Oh my goodness, can you even imagine?!

This is such a dream corner!

Feeling inspired? I'm about to get on the phone with a contractor!

Tell me: What's the prettiest bookshelf you've ever come across?

Images via Brooklyn Home Company, Hus & Hem, Mid Century Jo, The Selby, Eric Staudenmaier, Covet Garden, Design Agenda, Neuhaus Design, Creamylife

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Lynette Lynette

there is one I saw in a Pottery Barn Living Rooms Decor book that I loved.  I scanned it to my computer so that one day DH can build it for me.

Bmat Bmat

No, I can't even imagine needing a ladder to reach the shelves, and it must be hard to see what books are there.

Rebecca Frazier

The one my hubby built floor to ceiling covering two walls of the living room. Built in t.v and speakers, and french doors to the foyer. Made our 1200 sq.ft.house look like a manor.

Ellie19 Ellie19

I feel like I should own a few more books. I would LOVE a huge bookcase in our house!


lovelovelovelove these ideas!! I have several areas in my home that I could do some awesome custom built-ins, but we most likely won't be staying in this home so I don't want to spend the money to do it.

Peajewel Peajewel

I love all of these.  Now I am feeling guilty for buyin a Kindle. 

JHanc968 JHanc968


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