Couple Suing AirTran for Cockroaches on Flight Really Bugs Me

cockroach on airtran airplaneIt never fails to fascinate me how some people are repulsed and sickened by the mere sight of a cockroach, while other people shrug their shoulders like, "What's the big deal?" The North Carolina couple in this story definitely belongs in the first group: On a recent AirTran flight to Houston, a lawyer and his fiance allege that they saw cockroaches coming out of air vents, light fixtures, and storage areas, and, let's just say, they did not react calmly. Now, I'll be the first to say that I'd freak out and use bad words if I saw a long, hairy brown antennae poking out of the overhead compartment. But this couple's reaction was way too extreme.


The woman claims to have been physically sickened by the sight of the cockroaches; she says she never wants to fly again. Also, the couple is mad because they had to throw out several clothes because the cockroaches were crawling in the carry-on compartments and they were worried they got into the luggage. Now, they're suing the airlines for $100,000 (in addition to the price of their tickets) for mental and emotional distress caused by the (their words) "flying roach machine."

I'm having mental and emotional distress just reporting on these ridiculous human beings! Maybe I've been living in apartments in big cities for too long, but the occasional cockroach -- while disgusting -- shouldn't be the end of the world. I'd hate to see these folks on a camping trip.

Here's how to handle cockroaches on a plane: Alert the flight attendants to the problem (although it sounds like this couple did just that and the staff did nothing to help them); wash your clothes in hot water when you get home; tweet incessantly about the experience until the airlines refund your ticket.

But a lawsuit -- really? That just makes me twitch.

Do cockroaches freak you out?



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