'Cobra Cat' Unfairly Called Crazy by Mean Media (VIDEO)

Cobra CatI'm so tired of the media manipulating these stories! I mean, the Today show featured a very short clip of a cat rearing up like a cobra, and everyone’s like “oh man, look at that crazy-butt cat!”

I’ll admit, there are only three cats funnier than this cat, and they’re Nyan Cat, Maru, and ... the third one is ... uh ... well, I forget the third one, but that’s been going around lately [NSFW].

But funny as it might be, this cat is getting a raw deal. Because first of all, he didn’t just go all cobra without plenty of warning. Second of all, his owner is nuts in the butts. And third, he’s foreign, so we need to be more understanding of his cultural differences.

Here’s the full story on Cobra Cat. I call it “Behind the Cobra.”


I tracked down the full version of Cobra Cat on Vimeo. First of all, the feline, whose real name is De-La the Magnificent, is obviously well-loved. We can see an earlier video when he’s one of many, many cats at an animal shelter, and the owner’s hand strokes him lovingly as he mews through the chicken wire. 

Second, the full version runs nearly three minutes long, and if you take in the whole story rather than focusing on the inflammatory few seconds featured in the mainstream media, you can see clearly that the white cat is totally obnoxious and ignores several clear warnings from De-La. In fact, De-La doesn’t go into crazy kung-fu cobra pose (that’s the official name, according to my sources at the Martial Arts Resources for Felines Association Around the World, or MARFAAW!!!) until 1:40.

Third, keep listening. The owner -- loving as he or she may be -- is also exploiting Cobra Cat, perhaps training him as an international weapon. Around 2:30, he starts meowing at both cats, which is what finally scares obnoxious White Cat off.

And fourth, looking at the backgrounds of several of the other videos from this user, I have determined that De-La the Magnificent resides in Turkey. As an Armenian, I’m usually wary of Turks in threatening poses, but in this case, it’s clear that De-La is just an ordinary citizen dealing with a confusing world in the only way he knows how: by standing on his hind legs and shrieking in a totally insane way. Hey, I did the same thing just last weekend, when an oblivious hippie danced out of her drum-circle and almost stepped on my daughter.

Actually, it’s kind of liberating. Join Team Cobra Cat!

Do you feel like Cobra Cat is misunderstood? What’s the weirdest thing you ever saw a cat do?

Image via YouTube

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