What Your Holiday Decor Says About You

holiday decorationsWhat do you love most about the holidays? Is it the gathering with family and friends? The gifts? The food? The ... decorating?

Oh, come on, you know you love to decorate. Tinsel, garland, the whole bit. It's okay, you can come clean to me. You're in good company. I, too, pore over magazines and websites each year in search for inspiration, because I, too, loooove to decorate for the holidays.

But ... have you ever wondered, fellow designers, what exactly your holiday decor says about you? After all, no two decorators are alike. Each inserts little bits of their personality throughout their home come Christmastime. Lucky for you, I've broken it down. See what kind of decorator you are. You know you wanna know.


The Overdecorator. You're the type of person who doesn't spare one square inch with holiday decor. We're talking bathrooms, laundry room, basement -- everything covered in tinsel. You can't wait until the season starts, and you typically start your holiday shopping December 23 -- of the year before. Secretly, you've always wished you were Santa Claus himself. But, alas, you've come to accept that no one can replace the Big Guy, so you've settled for copious amounts of garland and lights.

The Classicist. You know what you like, and you ain't budging. Never tempted by the $1 bins at stores, you're a person on a mission when shopping for decorations. You have your vision, and you will all but die in order to execute it to a tee. Typically, you're a person who likes order and cleanliness; you're very anti-chaos; and you throw out wrapping paper the minute it hits the ground. You're responsible and type A all the way. The perfect person to host a holiday dinner.

The Minimalist. Sure, you like decorating, but you don't live for it. The holidays are more about the food and the getting together to you. You'll throw up a tree or a menorah, light a few candles, and call it a day. You definitely make the best desserts.

The Old School Decorator. You haven't bought new decorations in years. Not because you're cheap, but because each and every trinket that makes its way out of the box in the attic has a special meaning. You're ultra-responsible and keep everything in pristine condition -- so you can pass them off to your kids one day.

The Modernist. Silver and gold, and black and white are your best friends this time of year. You eschew the classic green and red, and blue and white in favor for more flashy, eye-catching designs. Deep down, you've got a wild side to you, and while you love everything about the holidays in general, you really just can't wait for New Year's Eve.

So, see? What you put up in your house says a lot more about you than you probably thought. But don't feel self-conscious when trimming your tree this year, every decorator's a winner.

What kind of decorator are you?


Image via Andrew Michaels/Flickr

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