Oprah’s Favorite Things Live On & Here’s a Sneak Peek

oprahs favorite thingsI was never a fan of the Oprah Winfrey Show. I didn't have anything against it, it's just, well, I never really watched it because I was always working. Plus, I have an irrational fear/aversion to daytime TV. But. Like millions of other people, the one episode I was always sure to TiVo was, you guessed it, her Favorite Things episode.

And it wasn't just so I could seethe with envy at all the redonkulous swag her audience snagged, or so I could chuckle at their insane reactions. It had become tradition.

So, needless to say, I started getting a tinge of nostalgia for ol' O recently when it dawned on me that: Wait a seckint, Oprah's not going to have her Favorite Things giveaway this year.

But then I learned: Oh, but she is. And I just might be a part of it.


Queen Winfrey will still be holding her giveaway, or, as she calls it, her Give-O-Way, through her magazine, O, The Oprah Magazine. Anyone can enter, but 12 lucky readers will win every single item featured in the gift guide. The only downside? We won't get to see their heads explode when they learn the good news.

Now, what exactly will Oprah be giving away this holiday season? People got a sneaky-peeky of some of the goodies, and while there's no car or crazy vacation in sight yet, there's, as usual, some pretty rad swag. Some items include scented candles ($45), a bottle of Jay-Z’s champagne ($300), Marigot Collection’s pajamas and cashmere robe ($234 and $412), seven-layer caramel cake ($46), a python-print wheeled carry-on bag ($108), silver- and gold-dipped necklaces ($49), and an at-home sound system ($240). Not bad.

So even though it kind of sucks that we won't get to see people losing their s**t this year, it is pretty great that people like you and me have just as good a shot to win the stuff as anybody. Imagine not having to do an ounce of holiday shopping this year? Heavenly. The exploding heads will be missed, though, the exploding heads will be missed.

Here's a clip just for old time's sake:

Will you enter the contest?


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