This Home Décor Gets Just a Little Too Personal

Pillowmob All right, everyone, let’s do a self-esteem exercise: Wrap your arms around yourself and say, “I like me!” Did that make you feel better? Or just a bit ridiculous? I know. There’s a fine line between healthy self-esteem and, uh, being conceited.

I can’t decide which side of that line many popular décor items fall on. On the one hand, I love homemade things, I love original art, and I love when people creatively take charge of their own environments.
On the other hand… well, see what you think of these home-decorating elements that require just a bit too much owner input for my taste.


Pillowmob Make-Your-Own Throw Pillows

 I admit it: I’ve always wanted to sit on George Clooney’s face. But this isn’t how I envisioned it. I did have the idea to make a little body-pillow that looked like my baby when my stepson said he wished he could sleep with her, but decided against it because what if he had a pillow fight?

These upload-your-face pillows ($25 at Pillowmob) are just a scary nightmare. A funny scary nightmare, but a freaky couch-topper that would make me feel like Rockwell.

Tempaper Wall MuralTempaper by You

Let me just be very clear: I absolutely adore the idea of removable wallpaper. I mean, that’s the downside of wallpaper, right? That it’s there for so long that you run the risk of the home equivalent of high-water pants.

So I have no beef with Tempaper. But I’m just not so sure about their paintable wallpaper, also known as a "removable wall canvas" ($56 per roll at Will I feel so sentimental about it that I can never take it down? Or will I never really be able to make it look as good as I thought I could?

The whole thing makes me nervous, frankly, though a layer of it at toddler-height could eliminate my need for Magic Eraser. Hmm ...





DIY Shower Curtain

Ty DIY Shower Curtain

This eco-friendly shower curtain comes with a permanent marker so you can create your own designs. Now, they do provide a PDF of inspirational ideas you can copy onto your decoratable shower curtain ($33 at graindesign), but still … black marker? On my shower curtain? I don’t trust myself that much.

Also, I do have a husband, and he is, often, much like a 12-year-old. I shudder to think what he would draw there to enhance my naked body, but I suspect it would involve really big hooters, a space-girl dress, and/or a giant That Girl wig. Wait, now I want one.


Would you like any of these very, very personal home décor items? Which one?



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