6 Fabulous Ways to Decorate With Family Photos

We all get the itch to change up our home decor now and again, but it's not always possible or practical to replace furniture or to paint the entire house. So let's start smaller with something that we all have: family photos.

But instead of just framing and hanging, think a little differently with these clever ideas for displaying photos in your home. I can't decide which one to try first.


This wallpaper idea is for the brave souls who aren't afraid to go big. You can order your own customizable wall coverings from Better Wallpaper. I LOVE this!

We like to color-code our books, but now I'm thinking we should color-code our photos too.

Oversized portraits with simple frames and ample matting always look sharp.

The entire wall doesn't have to be dedicated to photos -- mix and match with art too.

Instead of going big with one photo, why not organize several photos and supersize the frame? So clever!

For a display that is easy to change up, go with this simple clipboard display idea.

Did these ideas leave you inspired? Which one are you most likely to try out? 

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