A Gratitude Tree for Thanksgiving

gratitude tree

This Thanksgiving, hang your gratitude on a gratitude tree.

Last year, I did an overnighter to a spa resort in Calistoga, CA with my best friend (we had the best time!). Outside, a few steps from the front desk, stood a lovely potted olive tree, which they had made into a communal gratitude tree. Visitors from near and far scrawled out all the things for which they were most grateful, and then hung them on the tree for everyone to take in and enjoy.

This would make a great display and reminder on Thanksgiving.


Just provide little tags for friends and family to fill out. Help the kids fill them out too. It's a perfect reminder about the importance of the gathering. And the way I see it, a Thanksgiving gratitude "tree" can take many shapes:

1. Use an indoor plant or tree or bring in a large potted plant from outside.

2. If you have a tree or shrub near the front door, display your gratitudes there.

3. Gather bare branches from outside and arrange them in a vase for gratitude hanging.

4. No tree? No plant? Hang clothesline or string across your fireplace and use clothespins to hold the gratitudes.

gratitude tree

+++ Fill in the blank. Right now, I am grateful for ______________.


Images via Sheri Reed

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