This Little Baby May Be the Best Real Estate Bait Ever

LamborghiniA homeowner in Minnesota is trying a neato gimmick to get people interested in buying his four-bedroom, three-bathroom, ranch-style house. It comes with a sunporch, cedar deck, shady backyard … and a Lamborghini.
I’m trying to do the math on this. The home is priced at almost $400K. The Lamborghini was probably about $250K new, and sells for about $150K used. So potentially, you’re getting another house-worth of merchandise on top of the house itself.

Apparently, this kind of trick is a growing trend in real estate. Along with cars, desperate sellers have been known to try to throw in time-shares, fancy TVs, and even a year’s worth of fresh-baked cookies.

Hmmm. Now we’re onto something. Because frankly, I don’t want a weird, ugly sports car that only auto-dorks care about. Attention, home-sellers. If you want to draw me in, here are some items you might want to throw in with your house:

  • Baseball season tickets (and if the seats are in one of those fancy corporate boxes, I don’t even care what the team is)
  • Tina Fey as my next-door neighbor (Amy Poehler on the other side)
  • A Pegasus (trained)
  • A Batcave in the basement (including Alfred)
  • Alice from The Brady Bunch
  • A wardrobe that opens up into Narnia and also has endless clothes that fit me
  • A lifetime supply of guaranteed no-wait gynecologist appointments
  • A spot at the fancy preschool down the street
  • A husband (preferably Brian Wilson of the SF Giants, but Jewish)

What would sweeten the pot for you in a real-estate deal – a fancy car? Or something else?

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