Fun Things You Can Make With a Cardboard Box

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November is only a week away, which means hibernation mode is near and a whole lot of kids will be saying, "I'm bored." While I have a moment before the whirlwind of the holidays starts, I'm saving project ideas to fill those days of being cooped up inside. Here are some of my favorites to make from a good old cardboard box, something we all have lying around or will after opening all those Christmas packages! 

Grab some old socks and make a day out of crafting a puppet theater and putting on a play.

This play kitchen is so clever; plus, it's better-looking and cheaper than a plastic one.

If the weather is preventing your bikes from coming out, take the transportation inside.

You could make your own family band starting with a guitar with colorful strings

Maybe staying in on a cold, rainy day isn't looking so bad after all.

What creative things have you and your kids made from cardboard boxes?


Top image via Mini Mocha

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Lynette Lynette

fun ideas!  My my boys recent creations have been jet packs, and lightsabers

ceciliam ceciliam

We use card board boxes for crafts all of the time. We have made a huge haunted house, a gingerbread house, Gotham City for my son's super hero action figures and so much more!

nonmember avatar Tasha

Love that kitchen, cardboard is so much fun to work with isn't it.

jessi... jessi2girls

I love the car and airplane pictures.. we used them before to make play houses or caves for one.. especially after christmas when they get bored of their toys and want something more inventive.. besides we obviously let them help build it (or decorate it) which makes it even mroe fun


great ideas though :)

xavie... xavierlogan09

We used to have a huge tv box that we played in during winter. We cut out windows and used a blanket for the couch. We had so much fun until our dad used the box for firewood. :( I'm going to use one for my 2 year old. He loves to play outside but it's been too cold.

Peajewel Peajewel

Nothing this creative that is for sure.  We normally use our imagination and pretend they are these things.  We don't actually turn them INTO them.

nonmember avatar Moitreyee

These are beautiful. I watched my 8 year old nephew transform a box from a box to a car, to a race car, to a ship to a space craft. I am still mesmerized by that memory. Boxes are the best toy.

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