Fun Things You Can Make With a Cardboard Box

Gabrielle Blair

November is only a week away, which means hibernation mode is near and a whole lot of kids will be saying, "I'm bored." While I have a moment before the whirlwind of the holidays starts, I'm saving project ideas to fill those days of being cooped up inside. Here are some of my favorites to make from a good old cardboard box, something we all have lying around or will after opening all those Christmas packages! 

Grab some old socks and make a day out of crafting a puppet theater and putting on a play.

This play kitchen is so clever; plus, it's better-looking and cheaper than a plastic one.

If the weather is preventing your bikes from coming out, take the transportation inside.

You could make your own family band starting with a guitar with colorful strings

Maybe staying in on a cold, rainy day isn't looking so bad after all.

What creative things have you and your kids made from cardboard boxes?


Top image via Mini Mocha

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