Halloween House Light Show Will Blow Your Mind (VIDEO)

halloween house lightsKevin Judd from Riverside, California should be awarded some sort of prize for having the coolest, most creative, most awesome Halloween decorations ever. Since earlier this week, the video of Judd's house bedecking has gone viral and the attention it's gotten is more than deserved. Set to LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem," he's turned the facade of his home into an amazing LED-light music video with four lip-syncing pumpkin faces, strobe lights, and so much more. I hate to be so general, but really, so much more.


Kevin Judd is like the Clark Griswold of Halloween. His exterior illumination skills are mind-blowingly impressive. He says it's just a hobby, that he doesn't work in lighting, but dude needs to reconsider that. He's clearly exceptionally talented, artistic, and imaginative -- give this man a job at Pixar or something!

This year Judd said his wife picked out the "Party Rock Anthem" song and LMFAO doesn't mind at all. They told the Hollywood Reporter that it's one of the most amazing things they've ever seen. Agreed!

The other song the Judd house "performs" this year is "This Is Halloween" from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's just as magical! Last year he did "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. I could watch these videos all day long, and I'm not alone. The video below has been seen by over two million people. It's just that good.

I wonder what kind of candy they hand out. I mean, expectations are kinda high. I bet theirs is a house that hands out full-size candy bars.

Anyway, without further ado ...

Watch the Judd house light up to "Party Rock Anthem." Happy Halloween!

How cool, right?

Photo via YouTube

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