Car Hits a Million Miles -- Guess Which Make It Is?


honda one million milesMuch has been made about a resident of Saco, Maine, named Joe LoCicero who drove more than one million miles in his trusted old car, nicknamed "True Blue." The town shut down Main Street and surprised Joe with a parade, an airplane with a banner that read, "Way to go, Joe!" and even gave him a brand new car (in case his old one peters out, I guess). Now, a million miles on a car is exciting -- I won't argue with that. But is it really soooo amazing and unbelievable, especially considering its make?

It probably won't shock you to learn that LoCicero has been driving a 1990 Honda Accord all these years. After all, those cars are legendary for being reliable and lasting forever. Don't believe me? Just pay a little visit to LoCicero's website, which has hundreds of comments from fellow Honda owners saying things like, "I have 400K miles on my blah blah blah Accord." Still don't believe me? Look around: There are early '90s Accords everywhere on the road.

It reminds me of my trusty plum-colored 1992 Honda that is sadly no longer with us. Not only did I rack up some serious mileage on that thing (nowhere near a million but still an impressive 180K), but it also became a "punching bag" of sorts for other cars driving by in the neighborhood. After numerous dents, lost mirrors, smashed taillights, and a broken windshield, that car still ran as good as new. It just would not die! (I had to sell it when I moved from Chicago to New York. *Tear*)

Back to our hero, Mr. LoCicero: Now, this guy took much better care of his car than I ever did. He kept it running with fastidious maintenance and apparently kept track of every fill-up, tire rotation, and oil change. It's no wonder, then, that diligent care coupled with a reliable model would result in hitting a million miles. But you can bet Honda is still going to milk this publicity goldmine for all that it's worth.

Have you ever owned a Honda?


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cocob... cocobeannns

I thought it was a Honda before I even opened up the rest of the story. They have a rep for lasting a LONG time.

nonmember avatar Miss Forth

The best car I ever had was an 03 Civic. Bright red, sun roof, 5 speed, 40 mpg. Had to give it up unfortunately. I miss that car.

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

That's awesome, but I wouldn't want to drive a car that long.

tgiamt tgiamt

Eh, its not surprising. Diesel trucks make that milestone all the time. Nobody is throwing them a party. You maintain a vehicle properly and theres no reason that this shouldnt happen with any make and model.

GirlN... GirlNamedBillie

I own a 1995 Honda Accord and I LOVE IT!!! Except for the fact that it only has 2 doors, I plan on upgrading to 4 doors, BUT I'm going to get another Honda Accord 

you rock

lalas... lalasmama2007

I knew it was going to be a Honda!  We have a Honda CRV! 

justk... justkeeplaughin

I have a 92 Honda Accord with 165000 miles on it. My machanic said I had barely even broke it in yet! LOL

TC00 TC00

Sorry I only drive American cars, just something that was instilled in my from day one.  I own a chrysler (yes NOW it's not officially an american car but it was when I bought it) and I love it

Ellie19 Ellie19

I still have my first car: a 1995 Honda accord. LOL! It now has just under 300,000 miles on it. The poor thing has been in a couple accidents, but I love that car so much! I've loved my Audi, I love our Tundra, but my Honda will always have the #1 spot! :D

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