Best Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Thanksgiving

turkey thanksgiving decorationNow that Halloween is behind us, it's time to start setting our sights on the next big holiday ... Thanksgiving! It's one of my favorites, maybe because I love that the holiday fun spans four days. Or that there's nothing like a warm house filled with family and friends and yummy comfort foods. But before the actual day comes, there's much fun to be had from the lead-up and preparation alone -- especially if you're hosting family and friends for a Rockwellian turkey dinner (the best kind!).

Here, the best ideas to get your home ready for Thanksgiving ...

  1. Make sure Halloween decorations are securely stored away! They definitely take away from the Thanksgiving vibe.
  2. Seek out and test a new recipe that you've been itching to make, whether it's for a new pie or a roasted chicken, mixed greens, and cranberry salad. If you prep it for your S.O. or kids a couple of times beforehand, you'll know it's worthy of being served come the big day. 
  3. Consider gathering classic family recipes from your grandmother, mother, aunt, friends, etc. I know my boyfriend's aunt has a killer balsamic vinaigrette recipe that I'd love to use on a holiday salad. My friend's brother's girlfriend makes an amazing autumn-spiced sangria! And no one makes soup like my grandma. Incorporating dishes that are cherished by loved ones can make your Thanksgiving dinner all the more memorable. (This can also come in handy if you have friends or family with food allergies!)
  4. Look for the perfect Thanksgiving servingware, to give your table that warm and festive feel.
  5. Spend some time on fun DIY decorations -- you could even involve the kids! -- like garland made of glitter-sprayed fall leaves or multi-colored turkeys.
  6. Buy pumpkin, cinnamon, or other fall-ish scented candles. There's nothing like walking into a house with a few of these lit. Mmmm. 
  7. You could also boil a pot with cinnamon on the stove for a lovely housewarming scent!
  8. Put up a festive wreath -- complete with berries and leaves -- on your front door.

How do you get your home ready for Thanksgiving?

Image via Robin Taylor/Flickr

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