25 Funniest Pet Costumes at the Tompkins Square Dog Parade (PHOTOS)

pile of leavesHalloween is a measly seven days away. You know what that means? The Tompkins Square Park Dog Parade in New York City was this past weekend! I had the pleasure of attending -- for, you know, work purposes -- and as suspected, it was an overload of panting, wagging, fluffy cuteness. Here are the 25 cutest -- and most creative -- costumes. In no particular order. Good dogs.

25. Pile of Leaves Papillon. Okay, I know I said this list was in no particular order, but come on, look at this guy! Too. Much. Adorableness.



24. Elephant Pug. Oh, hey, I'm just a cute, little pug. In a cute, little elephant costume. NBD.


23. Hipster Pup. You've heard of the book. Well, here's the real-life version.


22. Drunken Sailor. Not sure if his owner intended for this to be a drunken sailor costume, but with the lopsided hat and all ...

wonder bread

21. Wonder Bread Dog. It's cheap, it's easy, why not?


20. Butterfly Princess. Is that a stroller she's sitting in?

dog and boy

19. Subway Dog. And Subway Sign Boy. The subway part of this duo was feeling camera shy, but that's okay, look at that adorable sign.


18. Bellhop Pooch. "Can I take your bags for you, Miss?"

minnie mouse

17. Minnie Mouse. All together now: Awww!


16. Peacock Dog. And Owner. You know what they say: Like mother, like daughter.


15. Taco Pup. Sure, it's been done before, but never quite this cute.


14. Butterfly Cutie Pie. I know, it's the second butterfly, but ... look at her.


13. Where's Waldo? Okay, I'm not quite sure what this dog was dressed up as -- and she wasn't in the actual parade, she was "helping out" -- but could you die?

don draper

12. Don Draper. Or, perhaps more appropriately, Dog Draper. This was definitely the most creative costume of the day. Note the cigarette and glass of booze.

new yorker

11. New Yorker. Just a random New Yorker in a Yankees cap and Converse. Nothing to see here.

bride of frankenstein

10. Bride of Frankenstein. Not since Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls has anyone done Bride of Frankenstein this well. And hey, look, there's a hot dog in the background!

spaghetti and meatballs

9. Spaghetti and Meatballs. Hey, this is New York. Where better in the States to get a plate of pasta?


8. Banana Doggie. Yes, he looked like was sweating bullets in this costume (they all did!), but how could one resist putting this on such a cute pup?


7. Stegosaurus. Ahhh! I'm in love! And check out the sausage link leash. That's one way to get your dog to walk.

pin cushion

6. Pin Cushion Poochie. Another super original costume. On another super cute dog.


5. English Bulldog Bride. I bet her groom is chomping at the bit to finally say, "I do!"

hurricane irene

4. Hurricane Irene. Ten points for originality. Eleven for adorableness.


3. Bumble Bee. I was thisclose to kidnapping this dog. I can't.

shark attack

2. Shark Attack Pup. I wanted to eat this dog, too!

princess eugenie

1. Princess Beatrice and the Red Queen. Okay, these dogs are gorgeous, but hot damn, is that an amazing replica of Princess Beatrice's hat!

Do you dress your dog up for Halloween? Which is your favorite costume?

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