Beyonce & Jay-Z's Baby Nursery Could House Family of 8


Jay-Z Beyonce
Dad- and mom-to-be Jay-Z and Beyonce
You think I exaggerate when I say Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby-nursery-to-be could house a few families of four; sadly, I do not. Indeed, the superstar couple is understandably excited for the arrival of their first child and, therefore, have mega-nursery plans in the works for Baby Beyon-Z, who is due in February. We all know these famous first-time parents rake in oodles of dough. However, you are not going to believe how big a nursery they are planning in their Tribeca apartment in New York City.

Paging Beyonce and Jay-Z -- you do know that babies are only like a foot and a half long when they're born, right? I mean, there are meatball sandwiches in NYC that are bigger than an infant. Seriously ...

Read on to get the down-low on Beyonce's big ol' baby room blueprint.

Currently, my family of four lives very comfortably in a 1,300 square foot home. We're doing a little minor remodeling and moving around within that square footage right now, but soon everyone will have their own room, we'll have two bathrooms, a plenty-big kitchen, a small laundry room, a combo dining/family room shared space, and even a decent little office space. Perfect, right?

Well, apparently our entire house isn't even remotely big enough for a single Beyonce/Jay-Z offspring, as, according to Us Weekly, they're planning a nursery that is 2,200 square feet!!! WTF does this kid need -- a California king-size crib, an indoor play space with a jungle gym, a walk-in closet or two, its own bath with a jacuzzi infant tub, a napping room, a guest room for playdates who get sleepy, AND a teeny tiny recording studio to capture baby's first words? And then will the live-in nanny have her own wing? I cannot even begin to understand what one eensy-weensy but super-rich baby could possibly do with all this space. No idea at all.

WATCH the mega-nursery story on Us Weekly (skip to around 2:14):

Is 2,200 square feet completely insane for a baby's room?


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tuffy... tuffymama

Stupid. It's their money and their kid, though.

mille... millerbunch


also i have never heard of a king sized crib.. hahahaa

nonmember avatar Fazilicious

Why you care they worked hard both of them to be where they are(jay and bey ) so even if they want to build a 4.400 square foot nusery its their money and its their choice since it happend that they are the parents and by the way love them

purpl... purplepolkadots

Totally cray cray, but in some ways a smart idea.  I don't think they'll have any problem keeping all the "kid stuff" in one area of their house!

kelti... kelticmom

They have both worked extremely hard for years for every penny they have, so more power to them! I imagine part of it will be an en suite bathroom, nanny's room since they are both so busy. And you know Beyonce's mom is going to be staying w them a lot.

matth... matthewscandi

I am sorry but, HOW did THEY "work hard?" And really, no child needs 2200 sq ft for a nursery.

Katrina Siekierka

it's stuff like this that proves they are selfish shallow people. but all you lemmings can just keep on lovin' them and there waste. open a 2,200 sq ft hospital wing or foster home!!!

FitMo... FitMom9603

This is what the rich and famous do....overkill on everything lol....

Ta-ah Christine

"work extremely hard"??? They make tons of money for singing. I know people who work extremely hard. This doesn't shock me at all.

my7he... my7hearts

Why is everyone making such a big deal out of this? Who cares what they spend on the baby's room...I don't even care that she's pregnant! I don't care about either one period!

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