Beyonce & Jay-Z's Baby Nursery Could House Family of 8

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Dad- and mom-to-be Jay-Z and Beyonce
You think I exaggerate when I say Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby-nursery-to-be could house a few families of four; sadly, I do not. Indeed, the superstar couple is understandably excited for the arrival of their first child and, therefore, have mega-nursery plans in the works for Baby Beyon-Z, who is due in February. We all know these famous first-time parents rake in oodles of dough. However, you are not going to believe how big a nursery they are planning in their Tribeca apartment in New York City.

Paging Beyonce and Jay-Z -- you do know that babies are only like a foot and a half long when they're born, right? I mean, there are meatball sandwiches in NYC that are bigger than an infant. Seriously ...

Read on to get the down-low on Beyonce's big ol' baby room blueprint.


Currently, my family of four lives very comfortably in a 1,300 square foot home. We're doing a little minor remodeling and moving around within that square footage right now, but soon everyone will have their own room, we'll have two bathrooms, a plenty-big kitchen, a small laundry room, a combo dining/family room shared space, and even a decent little office space. Perfect, right?

Well, apparently our entire house isn't even remotely big enough for a single Beyonce/Jay-Z offspring, as, according to Us Weekly, they're planning a nursery that is 2,200 square feet!!! WTF does this kid need -- a California king-size crib, an indoor play space with a jungle gym, a walk-in closet or two, its own bath with a jacuzzi infant tub, a napping room, a guest room for playdates who get sleepy, AND a teeny tiny recording studio to capture baby's first words? And then will the live-in nanny have her own wing? I cannot even begin to understand what one eensy-weensy but super-rich baby could possibly do with all this space. No idea at all.

WATCH the mega-nursery story on Us Weekly (skip to around 2:14):

Is 2,200 square feet completely insane for a baby's room?


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