Sweaters Knitted for Oil Spill Penguins Are So Cute It Hurts (PHOTO)

penguine sweatersDo you like penguins? Do you like knitting? You do? Me too! Except for the knitting part. But I kinda wish I knew how to because the cutest little penguins on Earth need our help. A company in New Zealand has put out a legit call for penguin sweaters. After an oil spill damaged part of the coastline and its wildlife, the poor little guys are covered in the slimy black stuff and can't stay warm. That's where the sweater part comes in.


You can knit them a little pullover (no cardigans please, you showoff, you) and send it to New Zealand. Wildlife workers will dress the penguins up in your beautiful sweater so that they stay warm and don't pick at their poor little oil-soaked feathers. How adorable, right?!?!

I mean, it's just like so F*CKING lovable I can't stand it!!!! I almost want to squeeze them so hard!! Or eat them!!! I can't decide!!! Ahhh cuteness overload!!!!

Just to reassure you that this isn't a joke, here's a pattern you can follow to knit the littlest, cutest, most avian sweater you've ever dreamed of. And since sweaters don't really have an expiration date, if they're not used for the penguins affected by this oil spill, they'll be used for the next. I mean, let's be real. This isn't the last oil spill ever. As long as tankers keep crashing and rigs keep exploding, penguins will always need sweaters.

If I knew how to do anything domestic, such as knit or send something via snail mail, I'd make an argyle sweater for a penguin. Or maybe one with my college logo! Aw!

Will you knit a penguin sweater?


Photo via grist.org

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