7 Toys You Can Use for Your Babies and Your Pets

Co Sleeper For Dogs And CatsI just broke down my Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper for the second time (sniff! sob!) and went to the website for directions to pack it up properly. What I found there left me absolutely dumbstruck. (Those of you who know me in person should know that is just about impossible.)

Their latest product is a co-sleeper … for pets.

I think we all know no self-respecting cat would bother with a co-sleeper. They’re there strictly for (a) the warmth and (b) the joy of sinking their claws into your toes when you dare to enter their restricted zone.

But for a needy dog, especially a little one … well, darn it all, it kind of makes sense! I’ve noted the similarities between baby toys and pet products before. I wonder what else could be repurposed from babies to “babies” and back again? Here are some baby products that would work for pets too ...


High Chairs -- I used to know a woman who spoon-fed her dogs. Fine, she was my grandma, and it was our dog! We went on vacation and my sister gave her a five-page single-spaced handwritten manual of everything Jingles needed to be happy. The first day we were gone, she got sick, and Grandma Rosie spent the rest of the two weeks hysterically worried that Sarah would never forgive her if anything happened. So we returned home to a dog utterly transformed into … a furry sphere who had been spoon-fed freshly cooked chicken liver pate. A high chair would have made that a lot easier, no?

Changing Tables -- Actually, they already have these, don’t they? When you go to the DIY dog-grooming place, they have high tables with brushes, sprays, and other nice supplies. Aren't they really just changing tables for doggies? 

Diaper Bags -- Here’s what you need when you walk your dog: her ball. The thingy you use to throw her ball. Spare pooper-scooper bags. Somewhere to store those bags if there isn’t a garbage can nearby. YOUR stuff. Yep, a doggie diaper bag makes a lot of sense.

And now for some pet supplies that would work for kids ... 

Chew Toys -- Teething rings: That’s really what they are, right? Take out the choke-hazard squeaky bit and the baby can play tug-of-war with the Daily Growl.

Litter Boxes -- Are you doing elimination communication? Or just having some diaper-free time to rest from a tushie rash? If only the kids would keep their explosions over the newspaper, like the puppy! Maybe if I get a clicker.

Crates -- Admit it. You’ve thought of this. (Wait, I do have the kids in a walled-in pen in the middle of the living room. Bonus!)

What baby toy would you use for your pet and vice versa?

Image via ArmsReach.com

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