Perfect Pumpkin Carving Patterns for Every Personality

Darth Vader pumpkinIt's pumpkin time. From flavored lattes to delicious desserts, pumpkin is in the air. The best ones, however, are those plucked from the fields and waiting to be carved.

Pumpkin carving is one of my favorite activities of the season. But let's face it, it can be tricky. For years, I gravitated toward paint and other accessories to deck out our pumpkins, because carving intimidated me a bit. Then I discovered the plethora of printable pumpkin carving patterns out there, and our pumpkins have never been more phenomenal. The patterns are easy to use and let you get really creative. From those designed to make you laugh to those that will make you scream and everything in between, here are seven of the best sites to find the most fabulous printable pumpkin carving templates out there. Get your knives ready ...

Disney Lovers

From princesses to Pooh and Lightening McQueen, Disney offers a host of character carving templates that will excite trick o' treaters both young and old.

Celebrity Obsessed

Want to illuminate Demi Moore's face during her publicly trying time with Ashton Kutcher, or pay homage to Michael Jackson? The Pumpkin Wizard, has free patterns for your use.

Sports Fans

Show your team spirit by carving your favorite college team's logo into your pumpkin via Spook Master. Go team!


From Jesus' face to Noah's Ark, The Pumpkin Lady provides a host of religious-themed pumpkin patterns. Most run about $1.49.


Show your patriotic pride by carving Barack Obama or even Sarah Palin into your pumpkin. It's a free country, but know that these may just be asking for a smashing ... especially if you choose Sarah Palin.


If fright is what the night is all about for you, you'll like these from Zombie Pumpkins. Freak out your visitors (and yourself) by illuminating the faces of scary guys like Freddy Krueger or Chucky from Child's Play.

Star Wars Loyalists

All holidays lend themselves to Star Wars celebration for true fans, and Halloween is no exception. From Darth Vader to Jabba the Hutt, Cartoon Jr. will hook you up with the stencil to put the force into your pumpkin.

What's the best pumpkin you've ever carved or seen?

Image via reynolds.james.e/Flickr

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lalas... lalasmama2007

These are great!  Thanks!

hutch... hutchfam2007

I carved an awesome Elmo pumpkin for my lil' pumpkin last year :D this year I think she wants dora, I found a good stencil on They also have swiper so I will do a set this year. I <3 carving pumpkins!!!!!!

hutch... hutchfam2007

OOHH I really like the mickey mouse and gang ones under the disney heading though! Might just have to do that instead!!!!! Then I get to do MORE pumpkins! lol.


I did a great mummy one a couple years ago. :)

nonmember avatar Lola

Very creative! I've never thought of a Jesus or Demi Moore jack-o-lantern for sure...

momka... momkaribg

These are really cool!

ash_a... ash_attack88

Jacks the best by far! Looking forward to making SEVERAL of those in a few days!

ceciliam ceciliam

I've seen a lot of neat carved pumpkins. I don't think I have one in mind that really stands out, though.

LyTe684 LyTe684

Cool. :)

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