Loyal Dog Stays by Dead Owner's Side for Three Days


People always say that pets provide loyalty and unconditional love for their owners, and this heart-wrenching story shows exactly what that looks like.

A South Carolina boater went missing Sunday afternoon after last being seen getting into his bass boat with his dog -- a Weimaraner named Sadie. Sadly, a rescue team found the 61-year-old man's body; it was in some tree limbs, where he was thrown after his boat apparently ran into shore at full speed. Despite the fact that three whole days had gone by since the crash, Sadie was right by his side keeping watch over her master's body.


Authorities say they've never seen anything like it: Sadie never left her owner's side. Not only that, she was actually trying to "revive" him by trying to remove some branches to free his body and licking her owner's face. My heart aches to think of her being so desperately determined to save her best friend, not knowing that he was already gone.

See, that's the thing about pets -- particularly dogs -- that you don't really realize until you have one of your own: They depend on humans as much as humans depend on them. And when I say "depend" I'm not talking about food and shelter and yummy treats. I'm talking about love, loyalty, undying devotion, protection, and all that other emotional good stuff.

I'll admit that there are times when I have to walk my dog in the pouring rain or spend my precious Saturday taking to her a vet, when I feel pet ownership is overwhelming. But when I think about coming home to her wagging tail at the end of a long day (or read stories like this one about Sadie), I'm reminded about how her unconditional love is one of the best things I have going for me.


Image via me'nthedogs/Flickr

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