How to Decorate Your House for Halloween on the Cheap (PHOTOS)

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I just found out that a frenemy of mine has bought a fog machine for her yearly Halloween décor-gy. Well, good for her. Meanwhile I’m replacing the zipper in my daughter’s hand-me-down Minnie Mouse hoodie and juggling bills, but who’s counting?


Anyway, not to be a BPP*. I’m still planning on dressing up our house for Halloween -- but doing it in a way that doesn’t stick its fangs into our bank account to drain it dry. Are you also looking for Halloween décor that doesn’t make you shriek with sticker shock?

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The great thing about Halloween is that things can look sloppy. I mean, did you ever see a neat, pristine haunted mansion or abandoned graveyardCobwebs and decay rule the day. So just by virtue of being neglectful homeowners, you could have a fabulous haunted house! Hardy har. Here are some actual ideas for low-cost Halloween embellishments.

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Do you do your Halloween decor yourself? What are your favorite decorations?

*bitter poor person

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