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How to Decorate Your House for Halloween on the Cheap

creepy halloween house decor

I just found out that a frenemy of mine has bought a fog machine for her yearly Halloween décor-gy. Well, good for her. Meanwhile I’m replacing the zipper in my daughter’s hand-me-down Minnie Mouse hoodie and juggling bills, but who’s counting?
Anyway, not to be a BPP*. I’m still planning on dressing up our house for Halloween -- but doing it in a way that doesn’t stick its fangs into our bank account to drain it dry. Are you also looking for Halloween décor that doesn’t make you shriek with sticker shock?
The great thing about Halloween is that things can look sloppy. I mean, did you ever see a neat, pristine haunted mansion or abandoned graveyard? Cobwebs and decay rule the day. So just by virtue of being neglectful homeowners, you could have a fabulous haunted house! Hardy har. Here are some actual ideas for low-cost Halloween embellishments.

*bitter poor person

halloween decorating

Do you do your Halloween decor yourself? What are your favorite decorations?

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MrsCa... MrsCareBear

I got lots of cute (and not crappy-looking) decorations from the dollar store! :)


KamiB79 KamiB79

Cute ideas! We don't really decorate much for Halloween. I have no idea why because we love Halloween!

slw123 slw123

Really good ideas!  I'm lucky that I have lots of nice decorations from our Pre-kid days, so the kids are always excited when we pull these out.

ChicH... ChicHippie

We're boring. We just have a jack-o-lantern.

SCmom... SCmomof3girls

Target has those cute pumpkin yard bags that you fill with leaves....3 bags (small, medium and large) for only $2, and for the same price, a set of 12 little ghosties to hang in the trees. So adorable! 

mille... millerbunch

those are awesome ideas :)

we have a lot of decor: tombstone, owls, pumpkins, spiderwebs, ghost lights, etc.

lalas... lalasmama2007

We don't really do much decorating for Halloween, but good ideas!

Ann Knowles

Cornflour made gloopy and died green, for ectoplasm. Jars full of spiders/eye balls. Bleeding brains made with playdough and red food colouring (my 4 year old loved making this last year). I mix and match home made stuff with store bought stuff. We add to our collection a little every year. We also have a bird bath full of plastic bones in the front garden and three tombstones.
I really want to try the zombie tree idea though. :)

Bmat Bmat

oooooo, creepy! and fun!

Marlene Holmes-Fulcomer

i got lots of good decorations from the dollar store and thrift store.    i have pics posted on facebook of my front yard decorated like a cemetary.    my granddaughters helped me decorate the yard like a cemetary. i used old pieces of plywood to make tomestones, i bought about 6 plastic skeletons from the dollar store and placed them behind each of the tombstones .    i placed a 10' wire garden fence in front of the tombstones.  i painted the fence black.   i bought a styrofoam cemetary sign from the dollar store. i used an old pillow and a bag of fiber fill to make the witch that's sitting on my porch. i bought a long skirt, a cape and a black turtleneck sweater to use for the witch's outfit at a thrift store. i bought a witch hat with hair attached at walmart for $1.00. total cost to decorate my porch and yard $30.00

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