Tiny Knick Knacks Will Make You Feel Like a Giant

miniature houseSize isn’t everything, ladies. Oh, get your mind out of the gutter! I just mean that there’s something so compelling about big knick knacks that are shrunken to adorably minuscule proportions. Admit it: Your fondest desire is to walk out into your backyard to find a miniature horse and elephant, wearing matching outfits.
I know it’s not just me. Because you can actually go out and buy a teeny tiny horse. And in my neighborhood, someone has placed several itsy bitsy, fanciful fairy doors in random spots just for giggles. Yes, storage is at a premium, and my lack of counter space is well documented, but someday, I’d love to have a shelf just for all the teeny-tiny, so-cute items I’ve found.
Here are my favorites ...


This tiny little house (pictured above) isn't just tiny -- it's furry. And felted. And dotted with flowers. That *poof* sound you just heard was me exploding into happy confetti ($39.95 from NaturesAdornments/Etsy).

tiThe world’s smallest camera is an inch all around. Takes real digital photos too. So Stuart Little can realize his dream to become a photographer! Too rich for your blood (or too small for your purse)? A supersized selection of undersized cameras is also available at Photojojo ($99 at Hammacher Schlemmer).

Mini Post OfficeWhat would you do if you went to your mailbox one day to find a brown-wrapped package that fit in the palm of your hand? Would you squee? I would! Artist Lea Redmond knows it -- she has an amazing business creating actual mail-able miniatures, and has published a home version of her petite post office for your mailing pleasure ($22 at The Curiosity Shoppe).

Mini SynthesizerDo you like Gary Numan? Flock of Seagulls? Synthesizer music in general? Wouldn't you like it better if it sat on your desk and hooked up to your MP3 player? No, I'm not kidding. And if you can build a time machine to bring this mini-synthesizer back into the ages, you will blow everyone's mind in 1971, when this technology was actually invented ($19.99 at Think Geek).
Pint-Sized PintYou can't have a tiny cow, but you can drink pint-sized pints of milk. Retro and moo-dorable! Milk will get drunk without any nagging ($8.95 at Archie McPhee).





Mini Wedding CakeOkay, one more. What if you topped your wedding cake with an even smaller wedding cake? Doesn't that make you want to get married all over again? ($9.99 at Miniatures.com).



Do you crave tiny things that you'd never want if they were full-sized? What would you miniaturize if you could?


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