Weird Things You Can Pass Off as Tabletop Decorations

tabletop roosterI realize this is partially because I have small children, but let’s be honest: Even before I had kids, I was a klutz and a clutter-magnet. I do love to talk about good home décor, but when it comes to my actual home, well ... let’s just say it’s a work in progress. Early in the progress.
Which is why I am amazed every time I hear there is this thing called a “tabletop accent.” It boggles my mind: People have free space in their homes, not to mention free money with which to buy otherwise useless objects?
I posted this on Facebook, and my friends took up the challenge to list their homemade tabletop accents. Which kind of homemaker are you -- a tabletop-accenter, or a tabletop-clutterer?


According to one decorating site, these tchotchkes “add a finishing touch to your tabletops.” If you don’t know the word “tchotcke,” it’s Yiddish for “dust collector.” Yet there’s apparently a huge market for heirloom pumpkin candleholders, glass hurricane lamps, apothecary jars, bud vases, and whatever this is.
When I look around my home, though, the only tabletop accent I see is a pile of the Sunday newspaper with a plate of toast on top. That’s on the table next to the couch; on the coffee table, there’s a fascinating bit of art fashioned from a half of a sandwich and some Lego Duplos.

Some other entries in this field include:

The centerpiece of our living room is an arrangement of clean clothes, half freshly folded and the other half artfully arranged in the other half of a large plastic basket, in a postmodern comment on the nature of laundry.
The accent feature on my kitchen table is two piles: one of unread mail coming in, one of unwritten thank-you notes that should be going out.
Does a laptop and several pads of scrawled notes count?

My children have created a sculpture on our dining room table that I like to call, "GET BACK HERE! SHOES GO IN THE HALLWAY! ON THE FLOOR!!"
It’s not like we use our dining room table anyway, so my girls have created the littlest petshop world. I’d say that counts as a tabletop accent.

I topped my kitchen table with an unknown sticky substance, and then adorned it with fingerprints. I’ll clean that when the placemats on top of them get dirty.
My tabletop accent is a large orange tabby cat. At different times, he's also a throw pillow, a speed bump, and a Snuggie.

Quick, look around the room you're in right now. What’s your tabletop accent?


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