Beautiful Painted Pumpkins Are a Twist on Typical Jack O'Lanterns

If you're not thrilled with the idea of your kids hacking away at a pumpkin with a sharp tool, how about arming them with paints and a brush this year? If you want to go a step further, pull out the stencils, glitter, and tape and just wait and see how their creations come out.

Here are 5 different takes on the painted pumpkin that will have you thinking this year is the time to retire the traditional jack o'lantern


Paul went dramatic and glam with this black and silver glitter masterpiece.

Take on both the neon and color-blocking trends with these modern creations from Jonathan.

You can get a gilded look easily with the help of tape (or circle stickers for polka dots) and a can of gold spray paint.

Trying to cut back on the sugar? Paint a candy corn-inspired pumpkin instead of chowing down on the real thing!

I'm thinking our front porch is going to look a little different this Halloween. 

Will you be carving a pumpkin or painting one this year?

Top image of silhouette pumpkin found here.

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