8 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home for Fall

Fall's crisp temperatures, gorgeous colors, and "back-to-school" feeling spur a lot of us to want to spruce up our houses. Not to mention the fact that light, bright, beach-inspired decor looks a little silly when the weather calls for fleece instead of flip-flops. Given that we're about to start spending a lot more time inside, it makes sense that home should feel warmer and more inviting.

Decorating your house for fall can be easy, fun, and inexpensive. A little effort now, and you'll look seasonally chic until it's time to put up the Christmas lights!

Here are eight simple ways to bring autumn inside your home:


Celebrate shorter days: Even to the most dedicated fall enthusiasts, it's hard to argue that the earlier sunset is anything but a bummer. But you can turn that around and light candles at dusk. Enjoy candlelight dinners, or simply burn some fall-scented candles when you're done for the day.

Display fantastic foliage: When Mother Nature starts putting on her big show, take advantage of those brilliantly colored leaves and display branches of them in big glass vases. You can also try lining a mantel or porch railing or interweaving them between the arms of a chandelier.

Get cozy with style: Now's the time to bring out your chunky knit throws, velvet pillows, and any other accessory in colors that scream fall. These can make a big change in the feel of your rooms (and make everything feel more comfy during autumn's cool evenings).

Don't neglect your outside decor: Skip the jack-o-lanterns and turkeys and opt for a more seasonal display. A few pots of colorful mums and some pumpkins or gourds arranged on your porch set a fall mood and will look nice through Thanksgiving.

Use nature for inspiration for DIY projects: Leaves, acorns, and pine cones reflect the harvest mood and can be used in all sorts of ways to make your house feel seasonal. Plus, your basic materials are free -- just go for a stroll! Martha Stewart has tons of creative ideas, like this acorn mirror you can make yourself.

Think colors: You probably won't repaint your rooms with the change of season each year, but fall's rich colors are unique and go a long way in reflecting the mood. Try a small rug in shades of brown, a pumpkin-orange glass vase filled with pine cones, or a throw pillow in bright maple-leaf red.

Don't forget your table: It's easy to find table linens, glassware, and even dishes that evoke a fall feel since the harvest feast of Thanksgiving is around the corner. Sure, you might not want to replace all your dishware, but even a set of small dessert plates or some inexpensive glassware make a big impact ... and so do simple touches like a leaf-motif napkin ring.

Make a big impact in small rooms: If you'd love to be the person who switches out her decor completely with the seasons -- but your time, budget, or tolerance for shopping don't match that ambition -- just a few tweaks in small rooms can make a difference. Place a vase filled with leaves on a hall table or coffee table and surround it with gourds or mini pumpkins. Or set fall-themed scented candles in the bathroom and autumn-colored hand towels on the racks.

There! You've set the mood for the season without crushing your budget or cutting into your schedule. Your house is now officially ready for fall!

What's your favorite way to decorate for fall?


Image via peapodsquadmom/Flickr

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