5 Last-Minute Vacations You Can Take From Home

family camping out in their backyard

Taking time off from work and nabbing some much-needed R&R doesn't have to require booking plane tickets and a hotel, then traveling to some exotic, beachy locale. In fact, sometimes that kind of vacation is so stressful that it doesn't even live up to our expectations (not to mention that it's not usually that easy on the pocketbook!) The solution: A staycation, or vacation at home, which can be just as satisfying when done right. Plus, preparing for one is practically worry-free! While you might have to spend months or even a year getting details in place for a regular vacay, a vacation from home can definitely be planned for on the fly.

Here, 5 last-minute staycation ideas that will make for a fun and memorable time all from the comfort of your home.

  1. Catch some "rays" (even on a rainy day). Doesn't matter if the nearest sandy shore is a drive or flight away. You and your family could take a trip to the California or Hawaiian shores just by enlisting a bit of creativity. Try renting a few beachy flicks (like Gidget, Blue Crush, or Cast Away), wearing leis, enjoying ice cream, drinking margaritas, and even chilling out on beach towels in your family room while you listen to some Bob Marley or Jimmy Buffett!
  2. Bring wine country home. If you can't make it to Napa, you can still make Napa come to you. Pick out a few different (possibly just Californian?) wines from your local liquor store, a variety of cheeses and breads, and do a tasting with your sweetie right from the comfort of your couch. You could even get different types of juices for the kids to "taste!"
  3. Go camping. Telling ghost stories in a tent (even a makeshift one) and roasting up some s'mores over a camp fire can be just as fun when you do it in the backyard! The kids will love it!
  4. Create your own spa resort. Round up some of your favorite nail polishes, body scrubs and creams, aromatherapy oil and candles and maybe even invite over a couple of girlfriends, and you can have your own girls' getaway without having to change out of your comfiest robe! (This also gives you a great excuse for your hubby to give you a massage!)
  5. Go to Europe without needing your passport. You could use Spotify or iTunes to design a globe-trotting "trip" from London to Paris to Rome simply by switching from The Beatles to Edith Piaf ("La Vie en Rose"). Don't forget the themed food: Serve up some fish and chips, then bring on the pommes frites or gelato! Yum! 

What's a last-minute staycation you'd love to do?


Image via Michael McCullough/Flickr

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