Madonna Isn't Sorry She Hates Hydrangeas (VIDEO)

Madonna Likes RosesThe horticultural world was rocked the other day -- nearly brought to its knees -- when it was discovered that Madonna hates hydrangeas. This sin was apparently akin to hating puppies and rainbows. Actually, I think the thing that bugged people the most was that she was ungracious and rude about it, but the fact remains that many of us were left scratching our heads at the idea that anyone could hate such a delicate bloom.

Well, Madge don’t care. The heart wants what it wants, and hers wants roses. So if you’re a real fan, you’ll get it right next time, sucka!

She says so herself on a funny little video released by her official YouTube channel. Wanna see? Go on, you know you do.


Well, whatcha think? Is she allowed to dislike soft, subtle blossoms in favor of flashy, aromatic blooms? Or will we castigate her again? Bottom line, does she give a hoot? No, world! She doesn’t!

Ahhhh, that’s better. Now we’ve got our old Madonna back. The one who just doesn’t give a you-know-what; the one who dared to don Gaultier’s cone bras; the one who's been known to decorate her home with crazy purple-patterened rugs (that are suspiciously the same color as many hydrangeas); the one who hires, then refuses to pay, her interior designer brother.

Now, stay tuned for Lady Gaga’s short film about how she loves both hydrangeas and roses, believes we can all live in peace, and will accept any old flower her fans want to give her. Even carnations.

Does Madonna's spoof video make you forgive her for hating hydrangeas and being ungrateful?

Image via YouTube

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