Wedding Designer Vera Wang Says 'I Do' to Home Décor

Simply Vera Wang PlatinumDo you love your home? Do you love it enough to marry it? Well, if you do (or even if you don’t -- yet), you’ll soon be able to drape your domicile in bedding and bath products from the legendary wedding dress and skate costume designer Vera Wang.
But here’s the thing: Though I appreciate the elegance of her wedding ensembles, I find Vera Wang's home décor collection, which I checked out last weekend at Kohl’s, to be a bit too subdued. In fact, I don’t want to marry my home, wedding-style; I want to be married to it every day, which means it has to hold my interest, and consistently be new and exciting. With few exceptions, Simply Vera Wang is too … simple.
So here are five designers I would prefer to have gussying up my habitat:


Betsey JohnsonBetsey Johnson:
I know. She is soooo ‘80s. But guess what? I am also soooo ‘80s! I have such fond memories of racing up to her store, which was mere blocks from my first post-college job, and pawing through the clearance bin for treasures. How I wish I still had those dresses, even though they were all XS and I’m now ... not! The best thing about the store was that it was painted a deep apple-red hue with handmade murals by and of Betsey herself. Too fun. I just know her towels would warm me with their hot colors, and her bedding would give me retro dreams.
Patricia FieldsPatricia Field:
To me, she’s the Betsey Johnson of the ‘90s. She styled my then-fave TV show, Sex and the City, bravely topping SJP with a fab fascinator years before the royal wedding that finally explained them to us all. She’s got a few home items on her site, like these Keith Haring snake-throw pillows, and lots of things encrusted with rhinestones. A home from Patty Fields would be silly, sparkly, and ridiculous. My husband might not like it, but I would!

Alexander McQueenAlexander McQueen:
My heart hurts over his tragic death last year; the savage beauty of this young designer's vision was groundbreaking enough to warrant a retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He's the man who created Koi-painted football padding, mixed tartan with lace, stuck long spines on corsets just to be gutsy ... and a home from him wouldn’t be comfortable, but it would be daring. And some things are just more important than comfort.

Anna SuiAnna Sui:
The ultimate purveyor of the “rich hippie” boho chic look, Sui would drape my entire home in gorgeous textiles, with big floor-cushions and beaded curtains. And peacock feathers! Everywhere! But tasteful -- way more tasteful than what I’d come up with on my own. (Sad fact: I once owned a gorgeous Anna Sui skirt that was on super-clearance at Macy’s for about a half hour before my purse got stolen in the shoe department. Moment of silence.)

Yes, they’re horrible. But lately, they’re the shoe of choice for jamming on my feet when I have to do my shift at the co-op. And Penny loves her easy-to-put-on (and kick off) ladybug ones. Fine, if they can make shoes this comfortable and hose-off-able, let’s have the big rubber Crocs couch. At least it’ll make pants-free toilet training easier!
What fashion designer would you allow to decorate your home?

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